We want to be the name behind which a community of courageous, independent, fair women develops. Women who keep their heads straight and are not afraid to change their skin.
We love the strength (fury) and delicacy (grace) of the female world, the desire for revenge, attention to themselves and to others. We want to support this energy and make it shine. 
DOMHINA was born from the need to express all the feminine potential, not only in its light, but also in its shadow. We do not deny the dark part, but we accept it and use it to our advantage because everything is part of a balance.
We believe that everyone has a weight in this world and that their actions are significant. This is why we want to fight for greater equity, to claim a just power, to awaken the ancient energy of the snake that asks us to be not only determined and ready to fight for our ideals, but also empathetic, correct people. 

DOMHINA is for those who do not fear judgment and confrontation, for those who are determined and ambitious, for rebels and romantics, for all those who know their value and every day work to be better people in this world.

DOMHINA’s goal is to create an iconic world of beauty and grit, where all emancipated and confident women can feel at home. 

With Fury and Grace,